To Help inspire students to be able to rise above negativity, be the bigger person in any situation, and do actions of kindness to help others

For Students to Believe wholeheartedly in themselves

To Promote inclusion of everyone at schools and within our communities, regardless of differences​

To Encourage students to do the action that would benefit the greatest number of people when making decisions

To Encourage students to communicate with their peers, and classmates, as well as seek out help from trusted adults if they need assistance

To Empower youth to have self-confidence, resiliency, and create a better community, and world! 

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"Working with Ryan Laird and his Bigger Than That! team was a pleasure. Ryan lent his story and music to the "RCMPTalks: A national conversation on Bullying and Cyberbullying". Over 100 youth from across Canada's east coast participated (and numerous others live streamed the event) to watch Ryan engage and motivate young Canadians to stand up to bullying and to follow their dreams. The response from youth, teachers, police officers and those following along on social media (#RCMPTalks) were encouraging and positive. If you get a chance for Ryan to play at your school, I would certainly recommend it."
Louis Zuniga, RCMP, National Youth Strategy

“It would be hard to find a presentation more engaging for middle or high school students. Ryan Laird held his audience for the entire 60 minute presentation.  He was well spoken, provided current and relevant information, and got our students thinking about how their choices affect those around them.  Then, he walked our school through a variety of ways they can take action.  Highly Recommended!”
Jeff Duyndam, Vice-Principal
Shoreline Middle School, Victoria, BC

"Thanks Ryan! You are absolutely wonderful! Many of our schools have spoke very highly of you!"

Martha Rogers, Director of Education

Upper Grand District School Board

​"Ryan Laird’s “Bigger Than That” tour is amazing!!  He is great with the kids and he really shares his heart!  The time flew by and we were really sad when it was over.  My students are still talking about it!!  I encourage every school or district to book him now!!"

Margaret Hampton, Music Specialist

Pleasant View Elementary, Tennessee

"Our school loved the visit. We play the music regularly. Your visit inspired our staff and students to create their own stars with their dreams.
It was the best decision having you come."

Sarah Calvert, Principal
St. Gerard Catholic School

Mississauga, ON

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"No child should have to worry about going to school for fear of being put down or bullied." -Ryan Laird

Whether booking for a single school, or an entire school district, your children will develop additional self-confidence and will learn empowering lessons by being engaged by this fun and exciting show.


"Our mission is to provide music driven  concerts which inspire youth to dream big and never allow negative influences to stand in the way of success and happiness in life!"